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The Chat Jerk
The Naughty Asshole

"Opinions are like assholes:
everybody's got one, and they
all stink."
- Unknown

"Critics and Hemorrhoids have
three things in common, they are
chronically irritating, nobody
wants them and they're a
swollen pain in the ass!"
- Sexy Legs Playgirl

May you wander over the face of
the earth forever, never sleep
twice in the same bed, never
drink water twice from the same
well, and never cross the same
river twice in a year.
- Traditional Gypsy Curse

Reasons Women Date Jerks

More fun to complain about them
to your friends.

Guys who actually like you just
aren't challenging or exciting.

When you do date nice guys, they
turn into jerks anyway, so why not
save time and go for the jerk in
the first place?

You won't get as emotionally
attached to a jerk, so you'll be
more in control.

All the other women want them,
so they must be worth having.
Affection means more when it
comes from a guy who doesn't
normally give it.

Guaranteed to cheat on you so
someone else can endure hislack
of lovemaking skills most of the time.

No need to feel guilty for abusing
or deceiving them.

Jerks will actually tell you when
they don't like what you're doing
instead of getting mad about it
six months later.

Looking for someone you can't trust,
and won't care about too much, who
will abuse you mentally and
financially, but you don't know
any lawyers.

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