The Sun Does Rise
Cranberries Songs and Lyrics

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The Sun Does Rise Cranberries Songs and Lyrics

The Sun Does Rise Cranberries Songs and Lyrics

The Sun Does Rise

Nightime has when all was still
Moon shone the way as we climbed the hill
When we arrived we raised our hands
Now the down has come now we understand

The sun does rise in the eastern sky
And love soon comes watch over I

The road was long, yes we travelled far
Thought long dark nights without guiding stars
Visions of an angel came along the way
Told us, don't be fearful
For there comes a brighter day

The journey's been an epic
Sometimes I've been so down
Stranded in a lonely bar
The other side of town
Yes we've travalled day and night
For many a poor mile
Now it all makes sense
As we see the morning smile

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