You Make Me Sick Lyrics

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Pink You Make Me Sick Lyrics

Pink You Make Me Sick Lyrics

Pink You Make Me Sick Lyrics

You Make Me Sick

They make me sick
I know I feel you
That's why we gotta stick together
Yep Yep Yep I know it

You make me sick
I want you and I'm hatin it
Got me lit like a candlestick
Get too hot when you touch the tip
I'm feelin it, I gotta getta grip
And it's drivin me crazy
Baby don't you quit
Can't get enough of it
You got me goin again
Baby, you got me goin again
You make me sick

He was doing 8-0 on the freeway
In the 6 double O, bumpin Isley
He was gettin kinda close
Kinda touch-ay
Cuz he had a little
Too much Hennessey
He told me that he wanna go home
With me up on the hill to my condo
Told me he would keep it
All on the low-low
But I told him, "boo
I don't really know though"
He got closer to me
It started gettin deep
He had me in a zone
When he started to show me things
I never saw before
Baby was smooth but I knew it was game
Hell-of-a cool but you men are the same
The way he licked his lips
And touched my hips
I knew that he was slick

In the 6 now, so hot
Gotta pull all the windows down
Eyes lead and I'm thinkin
'Bout the sheets now
Wonderin should I really
Take it there now
He told me
He would make it worth it
Again, how many times
Have I heard this
Kinda funny
But I wasn't even nervous
Well his slick ass lines
Were kinda workin
I felt my knees get weak
His body was callin me
Just couldn't take the heat
Anyway it was 2 or 3
I had to get off the streets
Baby was cool but I knew it was game
Said, he was too schooled
To be screamin my name
Even though we made the best of it
I still told him this

No no no
Oh, you make me sick
I want you and I'm hatin it
Hatin it
Hatin it

Pink Quotes

My dad always played guitar and taught me songs
by Dylan and McLean. But his love of music left
an indelible mark. Ever since I can remember,
I think even before I could talk, I sang.
I just ran around the house making up my own
fantasy world.

The day we recorded,
Just to Be Loving You
for Choice in the studio, that song was
so beautiful, I just sang. I didnít care
what I sounded like. It just came out
and shocked me.

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