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Party Shoes
Party Shoes

Party Shoes

Brown galoshes
and red party shoes,
my old life
and my new,
my days alone,
my life with you,
funny funky
old galoshes,
sad and brown and cold,
then you, my love,
smiling, sparkling,
shy yet bold,
changing my life,
my world,
my blues,
to dazzling,
party shoes

Love's Tango

In an anthill,
in a tree,
in a crowd
of sidty three,
I feel lost
and then confused,
but smile at you,
you squeeze my hand,
we swim for land,
you hold my arm
and render harm
a useless thing,
a broken spear.
With you, my love,
I know no fear.
Only warmth
and sunny skies
that dance love's tango
in your eyes.
Danielle Steel

Savoy Tango Mixed Drinks

1 oz Sloe Gin
1.5 oz Apple Brandy
Fill mixing glass with ice
and above ingredients.
Stir and strain into chilled
cocktail glass.

Let's Tango
Shots, Shooters & Slammers

0.333 oz Rum
0.333 oz Sambuca
0.333 oz Triple Sec
1 Shot Glass

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