Country Grammar Lyrics

Nelly Country Grammar Lyrics

Nelly Country Grammar Lyrics

Country Grammar


I'm goin down down baby,
Yo' street in a Range Rover c'mon
Street sweeper baby
Cocked ready to let it go
Shimmy shimmy cocoa what? Listen to it pound
Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now

I'm goin down down baby
Yo' street in a Range Rover
Street sweeper baby, cocked ready to let it go
Shimmy shimmy cocoa what? Listen to it pound
Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now

Mmmmm, you can find me, in St. Louis rollin on dubs
Smokin on dubs in clubs, blowin up like cocoa puffs
Sippin Bud, gettin perved and getting dubbed
Daps and hugs, mean mugs and shoulder shrugs
And it's all because, 'ccumulated enough scratch
Just to navigate it, wood decorated on chrome
And it's candy painted
Fans fainted - while I'm entertainin
Wild ain't it? How me and money end up hangin
I hang with Hannibal Lector
So feel me when I bring it
Sing it loud (what?)
I'm from the Lou and I'm proud
Run a mile - for the cause
I'm righteous above the law
Playa my style's raw
I'm "Born to Mack" like Todd Shaw
Forget the fame, and the glamour
Give me D's wit a rubber hammer
My grammar be's ebonics, gin tonic and chronic
Fuck bionic it's ironic, slammin niggaz like Onyx
Lunatics til the day I die
I run more game than the Bulls and Sonics

Who say pretty boys can't be wild niggaz?
Loud niggaz, O.K. Corral niggaz
Foul niggaz
Run in the club and bust in the crowd nigga
How nigga?
Ask me again and it's goin down nigga
Now nigga
Come to the circus and watch me clown nigga
Pound niggaz
What you be givin when I'm around nigga
Frown niggaz
Talkin shit when I leave the town nigga
Say now
Can you hoes come out to play now
Hey I'm
Ready to cut you up any day now
Play by
My rules Boo and you gon' stay high
May I
Answer yo' Third Question like A.I.
Say hi, to my niggaz left in the slamma
From St. Louis to Memphis
From Texas back up to Indiana, Chi Town
K.C. Motown to Alabama
L-A, New York Yankee niggaz to Hotlanta
'Ouisiana, all my niggaz wit "Country Grammar"
Smokin blunts in Savannah
Blow thirty mill' like I'm Hammer

Let's show these cats to make these millions
So you niggaz quit actin silly, mon
+Kid+ quicker than Billy, mon
Talkin really and I need it mon
Flows I kick 'em freely mon
'specially off Remi, mon
Keys to my Beemer
mon - holla at Beenie Man
See me, mon
Cheifin rollin deeper than any mon
Through Jennings mon
Through U-City back up to Kingsland
Wit nice niggaz
Sheist niggaz who snatch yo' life niggaz
Trife niggaz
Who produce and sell the same beat twice, nigga
Ice niggaz, all over close to never sober
From broke to havin bro-kers
My price Range is Rover
Now I'm knockin like Jehovah
Let me in now, let me in now
Bill Gates
Donald Trump let me in now
Spin now
I got money to lend my friends now
We in now
Candy Benz, Kenwood and 10"s now
I win now
Whoo! Fuckin lesbian twins now
Seein now
Through the pen I make my ends now

Album Country Grammar

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