Natalie Merchant Cowboy Romance Lyrics Hot Music Seven Years, The Letter, My Skin, Beloved Wife Lyrics, Everyone A Puzzle Lover

Natalie Merchant Cowboy Romance Lyrics
Natalie Merchant Cowboy Romance Lyrics

Natalie Merchant Cowboy Romance Lyrics

Cowboy Romance

It's a Saturday afternoon romance
Between a cowboy and a fool
A drunken meet up
In a crude saloon
A poor Rocky Mountain town
He's a scoundrel

And she's no pearl
Together they are

Two lovers cruel

Got her balanced on his knee
He knows exactly what to say

"You ain't been born
'Til you get out of town
And honey
You might come with me"

"If you do...
Spare the innocent ones
I'll take you with me
Together we will be drifters free"

Got her tangled in his arm
She's a lusting, trusting fool

"No man born can rule me
That I've sworn
But stranger if you do
I'll belong to you"

"If you do...
Would you spare the innocent ones
Would you take me with you?
Can you love the land
And love me too?"

As he grows sober
Sees his love anew
In morning light so true
He gets on the move
On the move
Natalie Merchant
Albums Tigerlily

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