Jealousy Woes II Lyrics

Eminem Jealousy Woes II Lyrics

Eminem Jealousy Woes II Lyrics
Eminem Jealousy Woes II Lyrics

Jealousy Woes II
Eminem Jealousy Woes II
Men singing
Jealous! 8 Times

Eminem Jealousy Woes II
Girls voice: Talking over the singing
Jealous!?! What he mean jealous
Know what I'm saying?
He just mad cause he got with some ugly hoes
Know what I'm saying?
Girls don't buy him no clothes
He bought that ho some clothes!
He don't buy me no clothes
Nigga ain't got no money, no vibe, no dick
I mean, What do I got to be jealous for?
He ain't gonna make it no where
He ain't got no type of time
He has no career move, I mean

Eminem Jealousy Woes II
Verse 1:
I come home every single day
From working double shifts
And stop along the way
To pick you up a couple gifts
I come inside and you pretend
You miss me when you kiss me
Then you diss me and we strenuously
Fight continuously
Again you frisk me
For numbers trying to bust me
It must be only just because
You never learned to trust me
Plus we only grovel only irrelevant issues
To many tissues, for my feelings you misuse
I buy you jewelry, you make a fool of me
I bring you diamond rings you say
I'm bad at timing things
So what's a man to do when all I hand to you
Is handed back to me
You act to be this gangsta bitch
That ain't what first attracted me
I used to love your company
Now you always bugging me
For information and you tell your friends
You plan on dumping me
So I'ma wait for your evacuation
'Cause every accusation
Makes me wanna smack your face in
See I've never been so sure
And your just insecure
So my solution to your jealousy presents a cure
I recommend you take your things and check them in
Look at the nervous wreck I'm in
I need my second wind, Say What?

Chorus: Men Singing
Jealous, Jealousy, Jealousy - 8 Times

Women's Voice: Talking over singing
Fuck you and what you going through
Fuck Eminem, he just mad 'cause I left
That nigga for another man
Me and Eminem don't need nothing
But my and his money
Immature, Me? Nigga ain't got no dick
No swang in his thang
Know what I'm saying?
He just mad cause I'm getting it all night
Jealous of me, know what I'm saying?
That's what I'm talking about
Mother fucker just trying to get his pussy

Verse 2:
I used to be a puppet and a sucker
For your silent treatments
I used to be intoxicated with your sweet sense
Until the day I started
Following your feetprints
And tapping in your phone conversations
Through the heat vents
It made complete sense
There's someone else you like
So I confronted you and asked you who was Mike?
And you was like, (sampled) I need a new nigga
Someone rich that I could follow
And you'll be over me
By the time you see tomorrow
Leaving me in sorrow
Brandy never felt so broken hearted
I fell apart when you departed
Then the joking started
I was an open target
You play comedian
And I became the laughing stock.
But now I'm on my feet again
And so we meet again, your acting like an ex-wife
All in my sex life, I got a message from Phife
He goes, "You didn't want me to see you then
I don't want you now"
Take a towel, wipe your brow
Quit trying to hunt me down
You run me down and now your trying to apologize
For all the lies and everytime
You made me ball my eyes
Because I got a bigger wallet size
You wanna swing it
Jealousy is in the house ya'll
Fellas sing it

Chorus: Men Singing
Jealous, Jealousy, Jealousy - 12 Times
Album Infinite

Eminem Quotes

I hate Europe. I fucking hate
Europe in bold letters with
exclamation points.

A Saw Point For Eminem

The record for the fastest sell-selling rap artist
of all time is held by Detroit rapper Eminem.
The Marshall Mathers LP sold a record 1.76 million
copies in its first week in the US in May 2000.
Seen by some people as a brilliant lyricist
reflecting social problems in American society,
and by others as a bad influence on adolescents
worldwide who are influenced by his aggressive
lyrics, Eminem's records court controversy - his
ode to an obsessive fan, "Stan," proved an
international smash hit. He is so popular that
a search on the internet will offer at least
215,000 links. Tongue in cheek references to
members of his own family in his songs have led
to multimillion dollar lawsuits, dwarfed only by
the even larger profits from his album and video
sales, which show no sign of slowing down. Guinness World Records

Eminem Jealousy Woes II Lyrics
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