Des'Ree Lyrics
I Ain't Movin'

Average Man, Why Should I Love You?

Des'Ree Lyrics I Ain't Movin'
Des'Ree Lyrics I Ain't Movin'

I Ain't Movin'

Love is my passion
Love is my friend
Love is universal
Love never ends

Then why am I faced
With so much anger
So much pain?
Why should I hide?
Why should I be ashamed?
Time is much too short
To be living somebody elses life
I walk with dignity
I step with pride

'Cause I ain't movin' from my face
from my race, from my history
I ain't movin' from my love
my peacefull dove
It means too much to me
Loving self can be so hard
Honesty can be demanding
Learn to love yourself
it's a great, great feeling

When your down baby
I will set you free
I will be your remedy
I will be your tree
A wise man is clever
Seldom ever speaks a word
A foolish man keeps talking
Never is he heard

Time's too lonely
Too lonely without words
Future voices need to be heard
Eyebrows are always older
Than the beards
Momma said be brave
You've nothing to fear

I ain't movin'
I've been here long before
I ain't movin'
'Cause I want more
I ain't movin'
Got my feet on the ground
As far as I'm concerned
Love should win the rounds
Mind Adventures Album

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Des'Ree Lyrics I Ain't Movin'
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