Physical Attraction Madonna Lyrics
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Physical Attraction Madonna Lyrics

Physical Attraction Madonna Lyrics

Physical Attraction

You say that you need my love
And you're wantin' my body, I don't mind
Baby all I've got is time
And I'm waiting to make you mine

You say you wanna stay the night
But you'll leave me tomorrow, I don't care
All of your moves are right
We can take it anywhere, this


Physical attraction
It's a chemical reaction
Physical attraction
Chemical reaction

Trying hard to get away
But I can't seem to find the way I feel
Even though you're not for real
Your touch is driving me
Crazy and when you smile
It's just makin' me want you more and more
Baby won't you stay a while
It could be such a fantasy


Maybe we were meant to be together
Even though we never met before
We got to move before the sun is rising
And you'll be walking slowly out the door

The Female Sex Goddess
Singer and Songwriter

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Madonna Quotes

I stand for freedom of expression,
doing what you believe in,
and going after your dreams.

Poor is the man whose pleasures
depend on the permission of another.

Sometimes you have to be
a bitch to get things done!

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The Look of Love MadonnaThe Look of Love MadonnaThe Look of Love Madonna
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