There's Something About Mary
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There's Something About Mary

His friends say stop whining
They've had enough of that
His friends would say stop pining
There's others girls to look at

They've tried to set him up
With Tiffany and Indigo
But there's something about Mary
That they don't know

Mary, there's just
Something about Mary

Well, his friends say
Look life's no fairy tale
That he should have some fun
He's suffered long enough
Well, they may know about
Domestic and imported ale
But they don't know
A thing about love

Well, his friends would say
He's dreaming
And living in the past
But they've never fallen in love
So his friends need not be asked

His friends would say be reasonable
His friends would say just let go
But there's something about Mary
That they don't know

Mary, there's just
Something about Mary
Jonathan Richman

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